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Lana, South Tyrol
— Italy

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What was good then is still good today. Fragments of the past are first packed in paper and later melt in your mouth.

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Shoulder to shoulder, they await a new home - syrup, fruit spread, pasta and homemade sweet treats from the pâtisserie.

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Ice Cream

Hasty fingers rummaging in a coin purse. There is a jingling, the few coins have been gathered that promise you the most beautiful thing of all. The eagerly anticipated scoop of ice cream, cool on the lips, true to taste. Tastes home-made and is best enjoyed admiring the view. Because ice cream means holiday, and always has.

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They strut in the display case. Each piece of cake is more beautiful than the next. Some glisten, others are colorful and some you can’t take your eyes off. The decision is hard - you want to take them all home with you. Take them home as sweet souvenirs that will not survive until morning.

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Fruit Spreads

South Tyrol’s kitchens smell sweet in summer. The reason being the many fruits that, cooked with sugar, are preserved for eternity. The smell of childhood. And happiness. Thankfully it can be filled up in jars and taken home. To bring joy to yourself, or to someone else.



When you visited your grandparents and suddenly you had a bottle of syrup in the pantry. Elderflower or raspberry - it doesn’t matter. Fascinating in its refinement. How magically a few drops could transform simple South Tyrol mountain water into bliss. Sweet, smooth and colorful. And if you really have to decide then we highly recommend the RH syrup. Because it tastes exactly as we know it from the 1477 Reichhalter orchards.

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Chocolate Spread

Warm chocolate - probably the best smell in the world. If you close your eyes you can immediately conjure it in your nose. Pure happiness - in a bittersweet form. Packed in small tins, it becomes portable, as a classic spread. On fresh bread, or simply as it is. A taste of luxury for the everyday.

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South Tyrol is the land where milk and honey flow - at least so it seems. Tables bend under the weight of the fresh, the good, yes, the delicious. The best of both worlds. Here, home cooking passes the baton on to spaghetti on the menu. You want to take it home for your own four walls - fresh and no questions asked.